A page of links to like minded members of the Earthing community and their websites that may be of interest to you.


 Earthing.com : https://www.earthing.com/


Earthing Institute Information : https://earthinginstitute.net/

A brief guide to earthing:  A brief guide to Earthing from the Earthing Institute 

Earthing for Lyme patients:  https://earthinginstitute.net/earthing-for-lyme-patients-go-slow/

What is Earthing?  https://earthinginstitute.net/what-is-earthing/

Getting Started : https://earthinginstitute.net/getting-started/

Research : https://earthinginstitute.net/research/




Guilden Gate Glamping - enjoy nature, feel the earth - www.guildengate.co.uk


Weatherby Natural Health : www.wetherbynaturalhealth.com



Chaos to Harmony - Simone Michele: www.tiktok.com/@chaostoharmony?lang=en


 Elwira Pilates : https://www.elwirapilates.co.uk


Better life naturally massage and wellbeing: www.abetterlifenaturally.co.uk


   Jordnings Guide : www.jordningsguide.se



   Dalesway Therapies: www.daleswaytherapies.co.uk


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Wellness Books Events: www.wellnessbooks.co.uk/boost-your-health-and-happiness-event


Quiet Space Therapies - https://www.quietspacetherapies.com