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Earthing Elite Pet Bed Cover Kit - 3 sizes

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Style:UK Plug

Earthing Elite Pet Bed Cover Kit - 3 sizes

We would recommend first time Earthing product users to add a UK/EU Socket Tester to your order. Checking the socket is such an important step in the whole Earthing experience. If the sockets are not working properly the product will not work.

In the event that the wall sockets are not Grounded you can purchase a Ground Rod or a Ground Rod with Extension Lead Kit.


The Earthing Pet Bed Cover (pet bed NOT included) Kit Includes: 

  • 1 Earthing Elite PetBed Cover & Liner (select your size above)
    • Small, ideal for pets 1-31 lbs (28” x 20” x 4”)
    • Medium, ideal for pets 31-70 lbs (36” x 24” x 4”)
    • Large, ideal for pets 71+ lbs (44” x 28” x 6”)
  • 1 Earthing Coil Cord (15’)
  • 1 U.K. or EU Plug

Connect your pets back to the Earth while they're spending time indoors relaxing or sleeping. Does your pet already have a favourite bed, pillow, or blanket? Simply slide it into the Pet Bed Liner then place into the Cover. Connect the coil cord into the Pet Bed Cover and zip it up. Place the other end of the coil cord into the plug. Insert the plug into your wall socket. There is no need to turn on the electricity your pet is receiving the Earth's free electrons through the grounding port of your wall socket. Your pet can be grounded while still enjoying their preferred comfy spot.


The Pet Bed Cover is made from our proprietary Earthing Elite™ material which is the result of 20 years of research and development. This naturally antimicrobial, water-resistant, stain-resistant cover is safe and effective at grounding your pets. It's 100% conductive and very durable.

The grounded Pet Bed Cover has a smooth side for your pet to relax on and a non-skid, self-ventilating mesh bottom. The entire cover is designed to withstand the normal wear-and-tear of indoor pets.

Your pet must make direct contact with the Pet Bed, so please do not put a sheet or blanket over the Pet Bed for your pet to lie on top of.


  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth with chemical free soap and water. 
  • You may use any other pet-friendly cleaning product that does not contain bleach, whiteners, oxidisers, or essential oils. 
  • Hand wash only. 
  • Air dry only 

Original Clint Ober Earthing Product