Jacqueline Saggers


My husband and I have been sleeping on an earthing mattress cover for just over 5 months and we love it. I bought the pillowcases about one month ago and they are just adding to the healing that is clearly happening.

My children (19 and 21) rolled their eyes when I purchased the mattress covers for them but they now love them and can feel the difference in their sleep quality. I have now bought them the pillowcases.

I wanted to share my list of the effects that we have experienced with using Earthing mattress covers and pillowcases.

Effects attributed to Earthing:

Not negatively affected by the cold - Due to better blood circulation

Smoother breathing

Snoring now very quiet!

Fall asleep faster

Deeper sleep (more vivid dreams). My OURA ring that monitors my sleep consistently gives me a very high sleep score and very good HRV scores, much improved compared to sleep without the earthing products.

More energy

More colour in skin

Smoother skin

Better digestion

Not grinding teeth during sleep

Faster and better wound healing (my deeply cracked heels that I have had for many years now have healed)

Things I speculate Earthing is helping with:

Less anxiety

When my husband and I started using the mattress cover we did experience what Jen explained is a healing crisis. We ached all over and definitely felt worse. Once we knew the reason behind the aches we stuck with it and after about 4 nights things improved and now we definitely wake up feeling really great.

I really hope this review helps others trying to decide whether to give these products a go. I am blown away by the results. Bed is now like a magnet. I cannot wait to be back there!

More recently I bought a mattress cover and pillowcase for my 81 year old mum. She is sleeping better and I will report back when she has had them a little longer.


Lynda S


"Over 25 years ago I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Whilst the main symptoms had been managed for many years, a period of disrupted sleep initiated the return of chronic fatigue to levels inhibiting daily routines again. I tried the methods which had previously been successful for me and being a registered nurse I also automatically researched new treatments. During the 9 months I have been using the Earthing sheet I have had 3 periods without the sheet (once intentionally, twice unintentionally). Each time, after a relatively short period, the frequency of wake-ups returned.

The earthing sheet definitely works for me. 

Thank you Earthing Revolution.

Lynda S.

In the year 2000 after many hospital visits to various specialist's I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Since then, I have pursued  both conventional and alternative treatments to try to improve my quality of life.
The symptoms of fibromyalgia are hugely debilitating, the fatigue and nerve pain are relentless. I also have widespread arthritis.

As a nurse working full time I continued an exhaustive search for a solution as it was affecting everything I did.

I am delighted to say that my life has been transformed. Discovering the principle of Earthing and the phenomenal products that enable this, has released me from a life of unyielding effort and pain! At 65 I can continue my nursing career as a full time hospice nurse!


I’ve always been interested in alternative therapies but as a person with 7 rare diseases many of which are autoimmune, require prescription medicines and come with inflammation, I have to respect the fact that Medical Science is only part of the bigger picture.
I was introduced to grounding by my Pilates instructor and considering her training had already provided incredible steps forward in my core strength and overall health, I felt I could trust her suggestion to at least watch the videos and see what it’s all about.
After watching the films on YouTube I was immediately hooked and I just knew there was something to this Earthing thing and I just had to try it for myself.  I talked through my situation with Jen and she helped advise what I might use to achieve maximum benefit, I took a bit of a leap of faith and got started.
I started with a grounding sheet for the bed and a universal mat that I could put under my keyboard and mouse when I was working. I tried to keep a very open mind but was pretty shocked when I realised I wasn’t the first person to notice a very HUGE change. It was actually my fiancé who has kept me intermittently awake with his snoring for nearly a decade. He doesn’t have sleep apnoea or anything seriously medical but he does in fact snore, and it does drive me crazy when I lay awake at night.  Within just two nights of us sharing the grounding mat on the bed he stopped snoring!!! He also noticed his Apple Watch was registering much deeper sleep and higher oxygen concentrations in the night.  I was properly gobsmacked and he was just as surprised.
I have, over the following weeks added a pillowcase and body band to my daily routine. I think the most noticeable difference for me is a decrease in overall body inflammation, less feelings of “old” when I wake up and lessening of pain.  I’ve even managed to decrease my pain medication by about 50% after the first month.  The other indisputable experience came when, one night when we had to sleep with our bed in a different room because of house renovations.  I didn’t realise the makeshift setup didn’t have the grounding sheet on it when he made the bed.  Guess who started snoring again and kept me awake all night?!?!  Yep… never going “without” EVER again!
Now I’m literally telling everybody I meet about this incredible tool to reconnect with the Earth and reclaim our bodies!  It’s no miracle cure or magic pill, but it certainly plays a powerful and very real part in managing my wider health.
Nichole Rushton

I am so happy with my earthing mat which I have had on my bed for three months. I wanted something to help me feel healthier in my body. I am 63 years old and just starting to develop some aches in my joints, especially my ankles, lower back and knees.

Since using my earthing mat I have no troubles with my ankles, and my knees and back are feeling so much better. Sometimes I know that the mat is helping me to detox and physically ground and although I may feel hot and sweaty during this process I feel great in the morning!! It is when the mat is not used I notice my ankles start to swell and I feel less well.

Thanks Jen for helping me so promptly and thoroughly and you have been so thoughtful and attentive.
Helen 😊

Helen Ridlington-white



I'm so grateful for the earthing product line. It's been such a simple, easy addition to my self care regime. I've always been into grounding but since moving to my new home in town I no longer have outdoor space to do my earthing rituals. Having the mat on my bed means I can connect with the earth on a daily basis. I feel relaxed and clear minded waking up in the morning. Since earthing I have felt a decrease in anxiety and can't wait for more benefits to come.

Thanks so much for creating a product I love.

Joe xx 

I first used Earthing when I developed pain in my right shoulder which progressed to my only being able to move my arm to elbow height. I applied two Ground Therapy patches to the area and placed my feet on the Universal Earthing mat; this would be for approximately 4 hours per evening whilst relaxing. Virtually overnight I was able to rotate my shoulder and within a couple of days I had full use of both of my shoulders and was able to lift my arm above head height and lift heavy objects all with no pain. A year down the line I remain pain free and have full use of my shoulder.

16 years ago, I had major surgery to my lower spine. Whilst this surgery was successful, I was left with pain in my lower back and right hip. I did not know what it was to have a full night’s sleep without being woken multiple times. Again, I turned to Earthing - with excellent results. Each evening, whilst relaxing I placed 2 Ground Therapy patches on my back, two on my hip and placed my feet on the Universal Earthing mat. In addition to this I started sleeping with the Earthing single bed mat. After about two weeks all the pain and discomfort had gone. I was walking straighter, could walk for longer periods of time and was now able to touch my toes and rotate my hips – completely pain free.

25th November 2021 - I broke my right shoulder socket in an accident and had to have surgery. The recovery time was anticipated to be painful and long and I would be unable to return to work for months. 10 weeks down the line I have been back at work full time for 2 weeks and my shoulder movement, whilst sill limited has improved immensely. The specialist is happy with my progress and was surprised how quickly and well my scar healed.

Due to the type of injury, I was unable to sleep laying down and had to sleep in an upright position on the sofa. Yet again I turned to Earthing to assist in my recovery. I placed 2 Ground Therapy Earthing patches on my upper arm and two either side of my scar and relaxed/slept with the Earthing single bed mat and Earthing pillowcase. When sitting upright I have the Universal Earthing mat on the ground for my feet and remain attached to the Ground Therapy patches. Due to the flexibility of the of the Universal Earthing mat I also use it in my workplace. By placing the mat on my chair, and when I am alone, I have my Universal Earthing mat on the ground with my bare feet on top.

Amazingly, Earthing has been my natural pain killer which has enabled me to completely stop taking any sort of pain medication. The accelerated healing has given me back a pain free life and I am now, once again able to enjoy all that I took for granted pre-surgery. I know from experience how long; hard and painful post- surgery recovery can be. This ground-breaking technology has opened my eyes to the wonders of Mother Nature and the fact that she can be with us through Earthing whether at home or work.

For me, it was and remains a ‘no-brainer’ choice to be pain free and to achieve this I am in no doubt that I will never be without my Earthing products again, and that’s a fact!


I’m a Pilates Instructor helping my clients not only with building up strength but with various pain, tension, and postural issues.

I’m all about natural ways of healing so when Jenny mentioned grounding I was very intrigued about how it works and since I myself can suffer from pain and tension in my joints I decided to give it a go.  The first night using the bed mat was interesting as I felt a tingling sensation around my body and my previously injured areas (lower back and knee) felt very sore, almost aggravated. However, second night was absolutely normal but I knew some changes were happening in my body and grounding helps to bring the inflammation down. I’ve been using the mat for a few months and if I go away and don’t take it with me, I can definitely feel the difference. I always suffered from bad menstrual pains and ever since the injuries it only got worse with concentrated pain in my back and knee. It would hurt for 2 weeks straight and nothing seemed to help and I didn’t want to take any medication for it. Ever since grounding, the monthly pain in my joints is none existent and even the cramps don’t feel as intense. Being on holiday for 2 weeks and not using the mat definitely brought the pain back so it shows that consistency is key and I now take the mat with me everywhere I go.

A few weeks ago I pulled my rotator cuff muscle in the shoulder and decided to use the grounding patches to focus on the specific area and after a few hours of being ‘plugged in’, I felt a major pain release. I actually couldn't believe how quickly and well it worked.

If you are suffering from pain and inflammation build up in your body I wouldn’t hesitate and try the grounding products. They are very safe and easy to use and instead of taking medication, you are using earth’s natural way of healing. I can’t recommend the products highly enough.


I suffered a stroke after my second covid vaccination in November 2021.  I was left with a weakness down one side of my face, slurred speech, disturbed and poor quality sleep and  depression.  So much so I didn’t want to leave the house.  I also suffer from Osteoporosis.  I was introduced to the Elite Earthing product range and started using the earthing bed mat and earthing universal mat mid January. 

The impact on my recovery has been profound.  I sleep throughout the night without waking and wake in the morning feeling rested and motivated to live my life to the full.  My depression has lifted, my mood is more positive.  I have started socialising again and enjoy more vitality and energy.  My facial muscles have practically returned to normal. 

My osteoporosis causes painful back ache in my lower spine this has now decreased.  I feel so much stronger and happier in myself.  Earthing is part of my daily and nightly routine. You can see before and after earthing photos showing the improvement in my facial muscles.  Earthing has improved my quality of life considerably.  I will never stop Earthing.  Thank you 

Tito Pérez Valido



My health dilemma... following an intense medical intervention program to treat my chronic vertigo combined with rheumatoid arthritis, I was left with pain and imbalance issues.

My earthing armoury... Elite Earthing Bed Mat , Pillow Case, Universal Mat and Patch kit

My earthing experience and outcome... After using the Elite Earthing products for 2 weeks my balance improved and I experienced pain reduction.

Concept and Product summary... Cool!!! Calm!!! Collected!!!

Cool... concept and simple safe application

Calm... Physically then leading to emotionally

Collected... Wake up energised and ready to power through a pain free day.

It's important to note I travelled abroad for 6 weeks minus my earthing items and experienced huge deteriorations of the above described aspects

On my return to reintroducing earthing discipline all symptoms dramatically reduced

Never again to be separated from my Earthing regime.



Debilitating pain has been part of my life for almost 20 years. The root cause is inflammation in my body which manifested as Arthritis in my knees and shoulder/neck pain. The pain affected my sleep and I would wake up feeling tired and lacking in energy. The pain killers couldn’t help me anymore, my body had become immune to them.

I was desperate to have a pain free and drug free life. My Pilates instructor put me in contact with Jen at Earthing Revolution to explore exactly what this Earthing thing was all about. It was a no brainer for me as I would have tried anything and I am so glad I gave it a go.

Jen explained the science behind Earthing and a few success stories of her existing clients. So I decided to give it a try. The results speak for themselves. I have no pain in my shoulder whatsoever anymore and my knee pain reduced dramatically. Especially when I was bed ridden for 3 days and nights due to covid, I was earthing my body 24/7 for 3 days and when I finally got out of bed, the pain had gone, completely. I was amazed how easily I was walking down the stairs.

As a result of Earthing and reduced pain, I now sleep through the night and wake up refreshed and energised. This is something I haven’t experienced in years. The more time I spend Earthing the better the pain relief. For example I recently had a 4 day break at the coast and forgot to take my Earthing mat. Guess what, I missed my natural pain relief. Never again will I be without my Earthing tool kit! Earthing is a MUST for me now as it has changed my life.

I highly recommend Earthing to anyone. It will change your life!

Thank you Mother Earth 🌍 and thank you Jen!


I had the opportunity to purchase a Earthing mat after watching “The Earthing Movie” video. I was a bit sceptical at first because I couldn’t see how this mat that you plug in but don’t even need to switch in the electricity, could make any impact on my pain or even with my lack of sleep.
Well the very first night I used my mat I only got up to go to the bathroom once, (a big deal for me) usually I’m up at least 4 times during the night.
To top that I had a pain free wonderful nights rest.

Something that I had not intended but subconsciously remember them saying in the video that if you place your hand on someone else whilst grounding yourself that they will also be grounded. That night my husband had come in from work and was complaining about his elbow pain getting worse, well the next morning he woke up, went to the bathroom and came back in saying that he can’t understand it that the pain in his elbow had gone. It was then I remembered that I had put my arm around him during the night so he was also getting the benefits of the Earthing mat.
I told him what I had done he was very impressed and he asked me a bit more about the different products and I told him they also do patches that he could put directly on his arm so we ordered some and he used them twice and has had no pain since.
I tried to test my mat by not using it one night and couldn’t sleep.
This showed me that I was getting the pain free good nights rest from using the mat and I would not be without it, and will be purchasing my bedsheet so that my husband can enjoy that very cool deep sleep that I have been getting with my mat 😊
Mrs Sonia Thomas



A couple of years ago I had a fall which resulted in me having stitches in my knee . The wound itself cleared up pretty quickly but after some time my knee began to ache so badly it affected my walk, I had a pronounced limp. I was unable to sleep which made me so tired and lacking in energy which definitely affected my mood ,

I felt very low. I had tests and X-rays, but no reason could be found for the symptoms I was experiencing.
I was recommended to try the Elite Earthing bed mat, Universal Mat and patches to ground myself. Within a week to ten days the quality of my sleep was so good and the pain in my knee definitely lessened. The improvement in my sleep and knee pain has helped lift my mood.

It wasn’t long before I was back to my old self again and able to get my life back. The more I ground myself the better I feel so I am committed to this method of pain relief and look forward to further improvements.

Thank you. Fran Dalton

It’s been 6 months of using the Earthing products and the improvement in my sleep has been very noticeable. I fall asleep very quickly and wake energised.. Recovery from exercise has improved too, not feeling muscle pains after workouts. I would highly recommend using any earthing products for your health, wellness and well being’

Jo Mundy - LPGA and LET professional golfer


 I was a professional golf caddy on the LPGA, European Tour & PGA Tour for over 10 years. This has resulted in being diagnosed with chronic back pain since retiring from caddying in 2013.

I have spondylolisthesis and my discs at L5/S1 & L4/L5 are in a terrible state, causing the discs to pinch several nerves and several discectomy operations.  Earthing daily has helped tremendously. Whilst working from home I use the earthing mat, placing my bare feet on the mat at my desk. Every night I sleep on the earthing bed mat, which has really helped dial down the pain and give me some light at the end of the tunnel.

The pain got so much in the past few years that it really effected my mental health and earthing has certainly helped reduce pain, improve my sleep and aide recovery from my strength and conditioning training.

Highly recommend Jen and all the amazing things she's doing promoting the natural healing of Earthing.

If it's good enough for the Tour De France team.... it's good enough for me! 😊

Thank you to Jen and everyone involved with earthing.

Warmest Regards, Paul 



After a back injury 30 years ago I was told ‘you will be in a wheelchair and need surgery’. I said ‘thank you but I will fix myself’ as I have always believed in alternative treatments than go through surgery.

Four years ago my body had a major breakdown and I was rushed for emergency surgery to repair a strangulated belly button hernia. During 4 hours of surgery there were complications and I died twice.  Post-surgery gangrene set in.  The pain was intolerable, pain killers were ineffective. As a result I had to leave the job I loved. I was told I would never work again. My own source of relief was to lie on my healing bed allowing my injury to settle, thinking ‘how am I going to cope?’

My New Path

Then a year ago I met Jen from Earthing Revolution and at that time I didn’t have any idea how my life was about to change. I am a spiritual person and believe I was guided by divine intervention. I knew Earthing yourself was important, but had never heard about Earthing mats. I listened to Jen telling me the story of how they were designed, how they worked and how they had worked for her! By providing an extension cord to the Earth whilst indoors, this allows the earth’s free electrons to pass into my body. I was open to try anything and with hope in my heart I agreed to start Earthing using the Elite Earthing bed mat on my healing bed during the day and night and the Universal mat daily whislt sitting on my favourite chair.

I continued with the same Earthing practise every day and as my pain reduced from using the Earthing product’s I was able to resume a part time job in care!

After a few weeks I noticed changes in myself, I became calmer with much less pain and if I did push my body, whereas previously I would have experienced acute pain, my body didn’t react. Little miracles were beginning to happen!  I couldn't believe the change.  I kept to a strict routine as Jen had advised I must carry on and Earth every day and night.  I was amazed and shocked, even my doctors couldn't believe how I was doing.

Unfortunately due to an issue, for one week I was unable to Earth and the bad days returned with acute pain.  Grounding was really working.  I always knew Grounding was good and use to use my garden as a healer but never thought something like these mats would give me the same result.

The prescribed pain relief I took was reduced by a quarter and it has given me hope. I had to change my life around to deal with this and it took me to some very  dark places, but my body will always be a danger zone. I have now learnt a safe way to manage my pain through using Earthing mats, it has taken away my severe pain and has given me the freedom from being bed ridden.

It is truly my little miracle and I recommend to those who are having health problems this treatment can give you the freedom it has given me. I was shown spiritually what could happen and guided towards Mother Earth’s best kept secret!

Please… pain is hard to deal with day in day out.  But for you it might be your little miracle x

Best wishes to you all on your new path 💞☘️💞

Love Tracey ❤️ 


Excellent improvement in vitality

I decided to ground for fibromyalgia (pain, fatigue and overall so unwell it felt I was dying slowly). The first thing I noticed was that my hayfever disappeared in two days. Fibromyalgia took longer to improve and 6 months later I have had a 70% improvement and haven’t had a full flare up in 2-3 months now. My mood has also improved. I am also doing supplementation and dietary changes. My son had sleep issues since I can remember and he now sleeps through the night. We both experience much better sleep. Thank you Jen for being so helpful and going out of your way to help. I am so grateful!


Hello Jen!

Educator feedback on student with autism:

My student, Jack, (a five-year-old boy with Autism) has demonstrated noticeable improvements since beginning to sleep on an earthing mat approximately a week ago.  Not only is he sleeping through the night now, but we are seeing a measurable reduction in stimming behaviors, improved verbal communication and increased engagement and participation in our classroom and play activities! His occupational therapist has even remarked on his increased motor control. I feel like Jack’s earthing experiences have been extremely positive for him and I’m looking forward to seeing what changes continued, long term use may bring about.

A couple other of my friends are trying out my mats  - so you're probably going to have more purchases soon!  

Hope all is well!