Earthing Changed My Life

Earthing Changed My Life


“Is this too good to be true?”

 Let’s talk about how it all started 

Diagnosed with anxiety at a very young age and suffering from panic attacks to the point of struggling to breath and thinking death was knocking at my door, the only option available to me at the time was medical intervention. This came in the form of anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs.  Shocking as it may sound, this prescribed medication actually created even more debilitating side effects in addition to the anxiety, so I stopped taking them and therein decided to just live with the condition. Not nice! 


I firmly believe my mental state along with life’s challenges and stresses eventually

manifested as a physical illness that being a diagnosis of Crohns.

Crohns is medically classified as an auto-immune disease.  The medical model tells us there is no cure and the only treatment available is a lifetime of prescription drugs.  These drugs do have side effects and treat only the symptoms. Another choice offered is surgery which can be life-changing and again does nothing to treat the root cause. The root cause being inflammation. 

Since then, I have been on the Holy Grail of natural healing remedies.  Boy, have I tried everything!

 The practise of Spiritual healing was just one of the methods advocated to help improve my quality of life.  It was during second Covid lock down, whilst receiving remote healing that I received a message to start Earthing, Grounding and told to buy a Grounding Mat. 

Not something I was familiar with. 

I was prepared to try anything.  Spare time was abundant and the fact-finding mission began.  During my research I stumbled across ”The Earthing Movie” featuring the Pioneer of Earthing, Clint Ober, who has worked tirelessly for 25 plus years championing the health benefits of bare foot connection to Mother Earth. 

This then led to Clint’s research and development of a patented product range that replicates the same bare foot connection to Mother Earth in the comfort of your own home or workplace. 

 It all seemed too good to be true.  I had nothing to lose and everything to gain and started barefoot contact in my garden on the grass and concrete patio.  Feeling a change in my mood and improvement in my sleep I wanted more.  I invested in Clint’s products and started using them during sleep, relaxation and working.  The results of more extensive Earthing were so profound.  I shared the benefits with friends and family by gifting them Earthing products.  They too enjoyed an improved quality of health. 

Now driven to share this little-known phenomenon, my first port of call was to contact Clint Ober to congratulate him on his dedication and tireless work pioneering the Earthing movement.  Also, to express gratitude for my own health improvements. 

With Clints blessing and guidance I knew the only way to pay forward the Earthing protocol was to share my experience and knowledge.  Exactly how was I going to do this and why would anyone believe in something so simple and FREE?  

I concluded that putting my money where my mouth is, was probably the only way to prove to people it was worth a try.  Investing my own personal money was the only way forward so I did exactly that and started giving away Earthing products to people in need. 


The overwhelmingly positive response was my light bulb moment.  I wanted to revolutionise the way people think about healing their bodies through Earthing and so my quest began. Earthing Revolution Ltd was born from Divine intervention and a strong desire to make a difference in the world by passing on this knowledge and helping people in the same way it has helped me.

I have had successful careers in the petroleum, recruitment and property development industries over the years, however Earthing is by far the most meaningful and important direction that I have taken in my life (besides being the mother of 2 wonderful girls).

My passion is to educate through real peoples Earthing experiences and just how their lives have changed, just like mine.  Some two years later, I now have a website which acts as an educational platform and an E-Commerce portal to purchase Clint Obers Genuine Patented product range, providing a direct connection to Mother Earth.  Allowing people to get grounded any time of day or night within the comfort of their own home, workplace or leisure.  Pets can even get Grounded. 


My dream is to show people that they can naturally, for free, address inflammation (the root cause of most chronic disease) rather than the western model of treating the symptoms.  We need to consider the cause to create a cure, not the symptoms.  I want to share the Earthing protocol with schools, doctors, surgeons, leaders in business, politicians, families, mothers of young babies, to name a few, about the disconnection from Mother Earth and why that has impacted on our overall health.  A simple solution, yes, which is why it is so profound.  Believe me.  I didn’t believe it either.

I want to shout out loud my successful healing journey.  Reduced chronic inflammation in my body which has eradicated my anxiety, panic attacks, arthritic pain, post workout aches and pains, jet lag, poor quality sleep, poor energy levels and more importantly my Crohns flare ups.

Not only has Earthing improved my health it has given me my life purpose.


May the Earth be with you👣


Happy Earthing



Earthing Revolution Ltd