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Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever!

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Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever! 

'Earthing' introduces readers to the landmark discovery that living in contact with the Earth's natural surface - being grounded - naturally releases and prevents chronic inflammation in the body. This effect has massive health implications because of the well-established link between chronic inflammation and all chronic diseases, including the diseases of ageing and the ageing process itself.

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Alistair Nicoll

Love it

Dee Jones
Earthing Flip flops And

From the first time I wore them the flip flops have been super comfy and provide additional opportunities to be grounded when I'm not able to walk barefooted :-)

Hi Dee

Great to hear you are maximising any potential Earthing opportunity. This is one of the main reasons Clint Ober developed this product, making it affordable for most people to ground outside when they cant go barefoot. I love mine a wear them all the time. Enjoy and Happy Earthing. Best wishes. Jen

Interesting read

Great read to get background details about how useful these products are.

Hi Shirley

Thank you for sharing your feedback on the Earthing Book. Yes, it is a great read and a great way to pay forward to others who may have an interest in the subject

Best wishes

Jane Barber
Highly recommended

I am making slow progress through the book and loving it. Packed with information, I now understand way more about earthing, Clint Ober's observations and the benefits. It has inspired me to go just that bit further in the earthing journey.