Luxury blanket

Luxury blanket

I ordered the luxury blanket for my mums birthday 🎂 and! After placing the order I realised that I should have got a bundle were you get a book about earthing and a mat.

So I phoned up spoke to Jen who was very helpful and rectified my order whilst taking the card payment and giving my address in Southport Jen said she was visiting her mum in Southport the following week😎 so I asked Jen to visit my mum and dad if she didn't mind just to help explain about earthing and Jen agreed bless her, blanket arrived next day very good service!

I popped round set up the blanket and left I phoned up a couple of days later to see if mum was happy with her blanket and to see if she was feeling any better as she had bee unwell with flu for near 3 weeks which my mum replied she wasn't feeling much better and had not been using the blanket, following week Jen arranges to meet me at my mums so after a brew and a great chat with Jen my mum mentioned to Jen about a neck pain she's had for nearly two years so Jen offered to give my mum some patches which you stick directly to the inflamed area.

Jen God love her, dropped patches at my mums 1 hour later my mum was so grateful👍👌this was Saturday, my mum phoned me Tuesday and said it's amazing!

Which I replied what is? And mum said she's feeling a lot better and is no longer in pain with her neck 😎 I was smiling from ear to ear, made up!

Mum now uses her blanket every day on the couch and takes it up to bed. And she says how lovely and soft it feels and it's that big it keeps them both cosy on the couch. I would 100% recommend this blanket and another of these top quality products! 👍👌sorry for such long review I just wanted to get my true feelings across thanks again Jen

regards Phil Hayward