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Wonderful fantastic customer service.

Jen Thankyou for ur superior customer service. Faultless.

Excellent Product and Lovely Sellers

This product is fantastic; you can really feel the grounding taking place as you stretch, much more so than just using a regular grounding mat. The company is so lovely, I very much appreciate the personal approach they take with customer service, much nicer than the usual cold marketing emails received from companies - so thank you, Jen! Highly recommended.

Brilliant product, can’t manage without it. Gives you reassurance. Thank you so much.

Wow ! Absolutely Fabulous. Quality products. Excellent customer service. Fast delivery. I will be back to buy more. Thank you.

Earthing Elite Sleep Mat KIT

Grounding flip-flops

I've now bought 2 pair of these amazing grounders plus grounding mats and pads I also use theses products in healing client's 💜🌟💜

My experience of earthing the bed cover

Yes my experience of using the king size mattress cover I feel has definitely helped me relax and get back to sleep even when waking as I so often do that means a lot to me as I could lye awake for hours, I have walked on wet grass while walking my dogs took my wellies off as I wanted to help myself get earthed but the ground is that bit colder and now grateful for the sheet I purchased Would recommend this product to others now I have experienced what it does many thanks laura X

Instantly better sleep….!

I bought myself an earthing mat in a desperate attempt to help my dreadful sleep.
To my amazement literally after one day of using the mat my sleep had a massive improvement - and my sleep tracker verified this for me.
Nothing is more important to health than quality sleep and I believe daily use of my mat is going to help me achieve a massive improvement in my sleep going forward.
I was a bit sceptical at first but thought i’d try it and am so glad i did!
Thank you Earthing Revolution! X

Earthing patches

Earthing patches are great for targeting specific areas and if you’re careful can be reused

great product

have been using for 3 months now and seeing improvements in pain, inflammation and stress.

Simply life changing.

The Earthing Elite Mattress Cover is absolutely great. Grounding whilst sleeping means i can get grounding in every day and the benefits? I feel much more alive, with more energy and focus. It is hard to explain; you have to try it for your self! And, if you do, you won’t be disappointed. I sleep directly on the Earthing Elite Mattress Cover. Takes a while to get used to but once you do, it’s preferable to sleeping on a normal sheet. Grounding is a life changer. The Elite Earthing Mattress Cover supplements the time i like to spend outdoors on the grass or on the beach. Try it; you’ll be anazed at this “best kept secret.”

Wow- now that was fast!

Never had an order appear so fast at my door! I bought a small earthing mat, just to see how it felt. I also got a circuit checker. My circuit was great, but I do have a Radi-Tech plugged in, so it should be and my late hubby was into electronics!
I use it in my bed at night, with bare feet. So far the only improvement is easier to get out of bed and stand up straight. I'm hoping it will work on my sleep as I'm needing help in that area. Do have a general feeling of being well, and I look forward to it's coldness on my feet at night!
I also like grounding outside in the grass, but that is weather dependent here in the Scottish Highlands!
Liking this so far and motivated to continue using it.

fit nice and tight

If I can I walk bare. Then I have these grounder flipflops, adidas, and some walking boots.And I have other earthing shoes from another brand because they're required for work. And if I can I lie flat on the earth, counting breaths. Or do some moon movements. Yes, grounding is quite a theme for me, although I rarely think about it. I mean per se. Have a nice day.

Review of Malcolm’s Flip Flops

Hi Jen,
My Flip Flops are very comfortable and I can feel I’m still getting the benefits of grounding. My partner Isobel who unfortunately suffers from Dementia like her Grounders and it enables her to walk on the beach and receive the Earthing benefits, this helps to calm her and a good nights sleep ensues for both of us.
Thank you for kindness and being so helpful.
Take Care and keep up the great work.

Helping with heart inflammation

Have been using two patches on my heart for 2 months now (approx 16 hours a day). I have had a medium/large pericardial effusion for almost a year and nothing has helped. However, since grounding I have seen some improvement.

Sound Sleep

I I have been using the universal mat for the last couple of months mainly in bed and my sleep has vastly improved. I no longer wake early to have to use the bathroom so my sleep is sound and uninterrupted. I also remember my dreams much more vividly. My frozen shoulder has also improved greatly. Very little pain now and range of movement much extended. I am delighted with the benefits and results I have experienced so far and so glad I’ve ventured into the world of Earthing!

Fast delivery

Easy to find on the internet, easy to purchase and not as expensive as expected. I'm now using this in my bed, so my feet are on it all night. Easy to use and easy to store when not using.


I just love my earthing pillowcase, as soon as I put my head on it I am totally relaxed and fall asleep very easily. My quality of sleep is so much better and I wake up totally refreshed. I will never be without my earthing pillow case again.

Earthing Mat

Since using the earthing mat my husbands aches and painful feet and joints have got better, for the first two weeks he thought it was a load of rubbish but I told him to persist as years of painful arthritis is not going to disappear overnight. He continued to use it and now he’s saying all the pains in his feet and legs are gone since using the mat.

Earthing mat

Great product-felt the benefit the first night. I slept really well for the first time in a long time. I feel more in my body and feel more present daily. I will be purchasing one for my daughter for xmas and recommending to friends.

Quality products, great service

I have 3 products from the lovely people at Earthing Revolution and they really are excellent. There are plenty of cheaper versions on the market but this is the real deal. Not only that, Jen and the team provide great service and very helpful. The quality of the universal earthing mat (which I keep under my work desk) and the grounding flip flops were so good that I ordered the new yoga mat. This is my favourite purchase. Yoga followed by Wim Hof breathing exercises makes a great start to the day and the introduction of the grounded yoga mat has taken things to a new level.

Great product, great service !

First have to say thank you to Jen at, she was of great help and answered all of my questions/concerns about products and shippment.
I got the super king elite matress cover which fits perfectly a 180x200cm bed (if you're wondering). I sleep a LOT better on it. Still wake up early, but better sleep quality and waking up more refreshed (even if I have a lot of catching up to do). I also feel more tired at night when it's time to go to bed, which is great. I stopped an incoming migraine thanks to a 40 minutes session on it (got to catch it early though, I suppose).
My wife had trouble with both knees, walked slowly in the afternoon and had a hard time flexing them in the evening. It has almost completly normalised in a week's time.
We're both really thankful.
Just give it a go

Incredible sleep

Since using the mat I’ve mostly slept right through the night. A really deep sleep. I’ve also had much more vivid dreams. It’s a notable and positive difference to my usual sleep pattern. This combined with the use of the universal mat has helped make me feel much more alert and it does seem to have also eased my aches and pains. Very impressed. I’m telling everyone I know to try grounding for themselves and hopefully they’ll also feel the benefits.

Earthing Elite Sleep Mat KIT
Precious Shabalala
5 star

this product is the best thing I ever invested in and the customer care is out of this world.