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Amazing purchase!

I have been using the blanket for the past couple of months and it really is very relaxing and comfortable. My sleep has definitely improved and now it’s my go to every night and even take it on holiday with me. It’s warm enough on cold evenings yet so breathable when it’s a summer evening. Jen is so lovely and their customer service is excellent. Highly recommend 😀

Ideal starter product, not just for chairs

This was the first product I purchased. Whenever I’m sitting on the sofa (working on my laptop or watching tv), my bare feet are on this. I got a bit nerdy and used a volt meter to test how many volts I had been subjecting my body to with my phone/ipad/laptop charging from the socket next to me and how much difference the mat made. It dropped from over 4 to around 0.003. I’ve moved the chargers across the room and now I know the reading is always zero as soon as I touch the mat. It’s been quite an eye-opener experimenting with the volt meter. The biggest mistake I had been making was using an electric blanket and leaving it plugged in and switched on at the socket (to an extension lead because the socket is behind the bed). With the socket switched on at the wall but the blanket switched off the reading was still 14, with the blanket turned on (and I have slept with it on many times because it’s the type you can leave on overnight), the voltage was 30! No wonder my rheumatoid arthritis has been so bad. I now have a bed mat as well so I can be grounded as much as possible. My rheumatoid inflammatiom (crp) has dropped from over 30 to less than 1. It’s hard to know how much difference the mat has made because I also started an immunosuppressant drug that should’ve kicked in around the same time that I started earthing but I’ve just come back from a week’s holiday and my shoulders started hurting again in the night after a few days with no earthing. I can’t stop and start the drug so I guess I’ll have to stop earthing for a month and see what effect it has on my crp levels - if they rise significantly I will stop taking the toxic drug and rely on earthing!

A life changer..

Feel so much more 'human and connected' since using my Earthing Revolution mat. So many niggly health problems on the wane, plus my inflammation levels reducing dramatically.
My grounding mat is now a central part of my life.Recommending to anyone who will listen...

Excellent products that deliver what they say.

I have tested one or two of the products from Earthing Revolution and they work very well indeed. The materials used have obviously been carefully tried and tested and they have earned their reputation of leading the field in earthing products.

Sleeping mat

I bought the grounding sleeping mat for my bed as I suffer from a lot of various pains for years now so I just wanted to try something other than pain pills. I have to day I was skeptical at first as I didn’t really notice any difference towards the pain side of things, however, I can say that I have been sleeping well since I bought this mat (and I suffer from insomnia among other things). I don’t know if it’s a placebo effect or legit but either way I think I’m going to order some grounding patches as well. In for a penny I suppose. I’ll keep you all posted but so far so good.

Earthing Mat

I have multiple sclerosis and this is the only thing which has ever helped the pain and help me feel better. I sit on it every evening and sleep on it every night and have done for the past year. I highly recommend it to everyone, especially people with health issues. I've phoned earthing revolution a couple of times and Jen was so kind and helpful and fully answered my questions. I am so grateful for everything they do.

Earthing for shoulder rehab

I bought the Elite Sleeping Mat Kit for my Son following shoulder surgery. As well as helping with daily aches and pains, earthing can help recovery post surgery, my Son was off painkillers after four days. It was easy to fit and it stays in position. I connected it to the Earthing Revolution grounding rod and using the splitter connector used localised patches on his shoulder over night.
I can highly recommend all the Earthing Revolution products I have purchased.

Excellent product

I’m absolutely thrilled with my purchase, so much so that I’m going to buy another one. Can’t recommend enough everyone

Excellent idea and hope they work

I have a large lesions on my leg and have been using the patches and mattress cover, and just cannot believe the fast healing. Also using meds. from the hospital but do put it down to the Earthing. Patches sometimes don’t want to stick so have to use a bit of tape to secure them.


Happy with my purchase, reduced pain in my foot a bit (not completely) but every little helps. I’ll continue to use them in the hopes that it will gradually get rid of the pain in my foot

Quality made products

I personally haven’t noticed any changes to my myself, so I can only comment on the hardware which is of good build quality and design.

Earthing throw

Bought this for my mum to lay on the sofa and watch tv,really nice quality product comes with connecting cord and plug.


I’ve had several pain in my knees for approximately 12 months. Since using the mattress cover the pain has completely disappeared. I can’t recommend highly enough.


Everyone that has got inflammation should try these ingenious products

Good rest

I sleep much better. Takes a little getting used to. Once in your not going back to your old bed style. Very pleasant to lie awake in. Warning.... if you're not gonna be almost naked then you'll not feel any difference.

Great length cord

Very happy with the Earthing Coiled Cord, it is unobtrusive, strong and excellent to have the 6ft length on the cord. I have one for my Earthing Sleep Mat and one I use for the smaller Earthing Mat in various places around the house.

Earthing Elite Mattress Cover KIT
Mrs Elaine Whitehead Mrs Elaine Whitehead
The Elite Mattress Cover gives you the best sleep ever.Look

Look forward to going to bed every night.
Thank you Jen.

Definitely Recommend

I am using a holistic approach to my health problems following a decision not to undergo further surgery on my spine. The difference to my life is amazing. I have gone from chronic pain and extreme exhaustion to being full of energy and able to cope easily with my pain. This Earthing sleep mat was the first holistic solution I started with, my sleep has improved and I feel balanced, energised and very positive. I will never be without my Earthing sleep mat and smaller Earthing mat again.

Earthing Mat

Really happy with the product. Also the owner has been so lovely and is also welling to help with advice etc. The company is very professional and really easier to deal with, can’t recommend them enough.

Earthing coil

The coil is long enough for uses from the socket it's also strong

Miracles galore

I purchased the grounding mat a couple of months ago, mainly for my back. Not expecting anything but hoping for some improvement. Felt rather painful for few days, barely had any sleep. After about 10 days I suddenly noticed that my sleep improved, my mood improved, I no longer needed herbal remedy to take before work so I can't be stroppy to another one of my colleagues because of my Menopause. I noticed legs started being detached from ky warn put body as it appeared they suddenly started fast forwarding themselves as it felt like they begun to be a lot more speedy that they were up to that point. I noticed I no longer needed to grab the metal headding of my bed in order to drag myself to tge edge if the bed in order to slowly get off the bed and get up. I can now put my socks on by lifting up my knees whereas up to that point I had to place my feet on the stool or do it sideways, which wasn't particularly comfortable. I no longer have stiffness and pain in my legs when I squat down to clean my cats 2 litter boxes and need a momentum before stepping up. I am comfortably awake during the whole night when doing night shifts, focused, switched on. I am no longer fatigued, happier, in fact I feel like 10 years younger. I had a gap of 4 days when I wasn't in a position to ground myself recently and did not like one bit the pain andcthe atifness that started coming back. My lips started being red again-they have not been red since I was a child. I am still exploring the concept although I bought it knowing it will work fir me abd can not wait to see what else the mat and the matresscover as well as patches have fir me in the future. Thank you all for what you have d9ne fir me as well as fir my 2 cats as I even noticed a difference in them. Keep up a good work. Sanja Z

earthing mat

very good product

Very Necessary

As a first time user of Earthing products I considered purchasing the Product Testers, (both to test my electrical sockets & to test that my Earthing mats were working), to be essential otherwise I would always wondered if the products were earthing satisfactorily. Pleased to say that all is earthing ok and that I am definitely receiving the benefits of Grounding.

Patch relief

Patches work great and even stay on after a shower for a few days, can be put directly to the inflamed area.I bought more patches to replace the one's I borrowed off my mum and lent to my friends. My mum suffers with arthritis in her kneck two days after using a patch she was pain free if she does have flair up she just pops a patch on, she also uses a luxury earthing blanket every day know which I bought her for her birthday. Would recommend earthing revolution quality products very satisfied 😎👍👌👣

As good as I’d hoped

Just as good as I’d hoped, I’ve had great results grounding barefoot in the garden, so the idea of a grounding rod really appealed to me. With over 12mtrs of cord, this product connects my bedding and patches directly to the earth. Helping me sleep better and easing any aches and pains my running gives me