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Great Earthing Products

Being new to grounding I bought the Earthing Starter Pack, excellent value compared to purchasing all these items individually. I am certain that Earthing is helping me with problems that I have been left with following permanent damage to my spinal cord. I used to suffer from chronic fatigue, something I haven’t had since using my Earthing mat. I have now also purchased a Sleep Mat for my bed so that I can experience Earthing for a longer period of time overnight. Jen the owner of Earthing Revolution is such a lovely lady, we spoke on the phone to discuss my problems, she is knowledgeable and helpful.

Earthing cord

High quality cord with built in resister to connect earthing product to the earthing plug

Earthing blanket

Sleep heaven! I recently purchased the earthing blanket as my sleep pattern was very poor which had a knock on effect during the day with energy levels. Since wrapping myself up in this blanket at night I fall asleep very quickly and don’t have broken sleep like I did. I’ve also noticed a marked improvement in my knee pain which is due to arthritis. When my friend recommended earthing I was very skeptical but bit the bullet after she kept on so much as to how great earthing is….. I recently had a hernia repaired and I also think the blanket has helped with repairing the scar as it healed beautifully in just a couple of weeks Thank you guys 5 stars all the way for a great product

Thank you!

Love the film. Love the products. Settling down to our life being connected to Mother Earth and very grateful to all involved 💚🌍💚

A great boon!

This strap is so easy and convenient to use. I tend to use it at night and I seem to have a deeper sleep which is what I wanted.


I found my earthing mat is a very quick way, to connect to the earth 🌎

Easy to use tester

Just the job, easy to use, if the light comes on you’re grounded 👍

adapter for usa

worked fine no problem.

Its amazing product which helped my general health. Highly recommended.

Brilliant service

Jen is a wonderful compassionate person , I had to return the cover. And she was very understanding. I will certainly buy from this company again.

Great products

Not only great products that work, also great customer service, really helpful and knowledgeable

It works and I'm very happy

Pulled a ligament in my knee 3 months ago and it fixed itself after a month but left me with pain in the knee joint that was worse at night or when I twist the knee. Used 2 of the straps overnight and have woken to zero pain, very surprised and much relieved. Will continue using over the next week as flying long haul Monday but had to share the success.

Could not be without it!

My double sided yoga mat has proved to be my sleeping buddy
I use it as a sleeping mat as I made the decision to go to the floor sleeping for many reasons. With multiple joint issues and a diagnosis for imminent hip replacement I was determined to implement as many changes as possible to make a difference and hopefully avoid surgery 🙏
Of course it was a case of a week of getting used to this! With a sheet or no sheet I have persevered and there is a huge difference in the quality of sleep I am getting. The feeling of the Nat is so relaxing and soothing, I feel like I have had a massage when I have slept. This is also the evidence found for floor sleepers also, I watched a testimony video on YouTube about the benefits and having done it without the mat is better, now I have double bonus with the earthing! My 6 year old grandson loved it when he was practicing his
cartwheeling too,, it's so grippy Grandma he said😍 The quality of the material used is superb and I honestly couldn't be without it! It's connected all the time and when I need a fix of energy from mother earth, she's always here, as good as the turf! I highly recommend this product 555 stars!!! It can only get better 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


Bought the earthing mat for my husband.He loves it and now takes it into the office and uses it whilst working

Well-packed and no issues with the product.

Good product and good service

I am very happy with the mat. It was my first earthing product. I have been using it for two months to meditate and every night I put it on the bottom of my bed horizontally in contact with my feet and sometimes I even put it lengthwise and sleep in contact with it from my hips to my feet. The quality of my sleep has improved a lot, longer and deeper, and I feel less pain in my joints. The difference is such that if we go out for the weekend the mat goes in my suitcase. I bought it to try and it convinced me. Now I am thinking about switching to sheets, which will be more comfortable than the mat, although I think it is a very practical solution and when I go on a trip I will continue to take the mat.

Best sleep ever!

Good investment! Better sleep, and aches have reduced!

Not convinced

After being recommended by a friend, I bought the earthing mat. I was hoping it would help with lower back pain but have seen no improvement.

Chair Mat

Dear Jen, thank you so much for bringing in your products.
We have been using Grounding product (from another brand) since 2018.
And we're delighted to see the selection you offered.
We love the chair mats. My wife is a healer, she immediately noticed the difference, hence we bought the pillow cases 2 weeks later, after using the Mats. 😊
I'd highly recommend your products to anyone who would like to try an alternative approach to feel better and get better.

Definitely will buy more

Good quality excellent product!

Ground rod

Ground rod is great if your outlets aren’t earthed or you’re outside and want to use some additional earthing products

Earthing Mat

A quality product!

Better sleep 🙌🏽

I purchased the half bed sheet, which I use at the bottom of my bed and the chair mat which I use under my feet. After a few weeks of use I noticed that I was getting better sleep, as would normally be waking up many times throughout the night, due to pain from inflammation. Fantastic product. Thank you to Jen also for her help and advice.

Highly recommended

Great products, I use my mat every day


The best kept secret , for immflamation , better sleep pattern , clearer mind (post covid brain fog ), less athritis pain ,these are the just differences i notice.