I’ve always been interested in alternative therapies but as a person with 7 rare diseases many of which are autoimmune, require prescription medicines and come with inflammation, I have to respect the fact that Medical Science is only part of the bigger picture.
I was introduced to grounding by my Pilates instructor and considering her training had already provided incredible steps forward in my core strength and overall health, I felt I could trust her suggestion to at least watch the videos and see what it’s all about.
After watching the films on YouTube I was immediately hooked and I just knew there was something to this Earth thing and I just had to try it for myself.  I talked through my situation with Jenni and she helped advise what I might use to gain greatest benefits, I took a bit of a leap of faith and got started.
I started with a grounding sheet for the bed and a universal mat that I could put under my keyboard and mouse when I was working. I tried to keep a very open mind but was pretty shocked when I realised I wasn’t the first person to notice a very HUGE change. It was actually my fiance who has kept me intermittently awake with his snoring for nearly a decade. He doesn’t have sleep apnoea or anything seriously medical but he does in fact snore, and it does drive me crazy when I lay awake at night.  Within just two nights of us sharing the grounding mat on the bed he stop snoring!!! He also noticed his Apple Watch was registering much deeper sleep and higher oxygen concentrations in the night.  I was properly gobsmacked and he was just as surprised.
I have, over the following weeks added a pillowcase and body band to my daily routine. I think the most noticeable difference for me is a decrease in overall body inflammation, less feelings of “old” when I wake up and lessening of pain.  I’ve even managed to decrease my pain medication by about 50% after the first month.  The other indisputable experience we had came when, one night when we had to sleep with our bed in a different room because of house renovation.  I didn’t realise the makeshift setup didn’t have the grounding sheep put on when he made the bed.  Guess who started snoring again and kept me awake all night?!?!  Yep… never going “without” EVER again!
Now I’m literally telling everybody I meet about this incredible tool to reconnect with the Earth and reclaim our bodies!  It’s no miracle cure or magic pill, but it certainly plays a powerful and very real part in managing my wider health.
Nichole Dean