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Earthing Elite Chair Mat KIT

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Style:UK Plug

Earthing Elite Chair Mat 

We would recommend first time Earthing product users to add a UK/EU Socket Tester to your order. Checking the socket is such an important step in the whole Earthing experience. If the sockets are not working properly the product will not work.

In the event that the wall sockets are not Grounded you can purchase a Ground Rod or a Ground Rod with Extension Lead Kit.

Sit down and relax! The Earthing® Chair Mat connects you to the earth’s energy through the grounded port of your wall outlet while you sit and relax.  

Dimensions: Top: 11" x 12" Bottom: 12" x 12"

Includes: 1 Earthing Chair Mat,  1 Coil Cord, 1 UK or EU Plug

Original Clint Ober Earthing Product




  • Click the Coil Cord onto the connection tab of the Earthing® Chair Mat.
  • Place the Chair Mat on your seat or couch with the blue side facing down.
  • Plug the Safety Adapter into the grounded wall outlet.
  • Push the other end of the Coil Cord firmly into the UK / EU Plug

Materials Statement: We understand how important it is to use the safest materials possible while creating a material that is highly conductive, durable, and free of harsh chemicals. Our patented conductive  carbon leatherette, used in the our mats and pillow covers, has been third party tested to be free of Azo dyes, Phthalates, and lead. 

Clothing: For optimal effectiveness, direct contact or thin layers of natural material, such as cotton, work best.

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    Tayfun Eren
    Great product and fab customer support

    I love the chair mat, it is very handy and ideal for using it everywhere. My purchase experience was great. I had an issue with my shipping and Jen was very responsive and helpful!