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Earthing Coiled Cord Extension Lead - (12.1m)

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Earthing Coiled Cord Extension Lead - (12.1m)

Includes: One Earthing Extension Cord 40' (12.1 m)

Please Note: Does Not Include an Earthing product

We would recommend first time Earthing product users to add a UK/EU Socket Tester to your order. Checking the socket is such an important step in the whole Earthing experience. If the sockets are not working properly the product will not work.

Description: The Earthing Extension Cord connects to the end of your Coil Cord, extending the length of your connection to the wall outlet.

Instructions For Use With A Grounded Wall Outlet

  1. Insert the prong end of the Earthing Extension Cord into the Plug.
  2. Insert the Plug into the wall.
  3. Push the other end of the Earthing coil cord into the receiving end of the Extension Cord.
  4. Click the other end of the Earthing Coil Cord onto your Earthing product.

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